Plastics are the most versatile of all materials, with infinite options for application. The only limit is imagination. However, they can be vulnerable to wear and environmental conditions. Non-toxicity is important, as are coatings that won't damage the surface. You need a coating to protect the material.

No matter the need; toys, crates, packaging, casings, calculators, keyboards, pallets, covers, radios, wheels, etc., we've got you covered.



Conductive Coatings

WC Richards Paint and Coatings is a flexible and imaginative provider of solutions to industry, with over sixty years of experience.



Featured Coating Products

We can help with maintenance. We have Hydrophobic and shielding coatings, as well as Coatings for Containers. Whatever your needs, we have the experience, credentials, and products to provide solutions for your business. Find out more about our products >

We'll put you in the best shape to provide the same for your products.